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Athlon SL: Enjoy new freedom of mobility

The Athlon SL offers safety and enjoyment for walks of all kinds. It is not only older people who are dependent on walking aids, younger people who are affected by an accident or illness also find that a rollator is the ideal walking aid. Fortunately, these days, rollators are designed to be lightweight and stylish while also increasing the user’s the quality of life making them suitable for people of all ages.

For people with a walking disability, even short distances can often be a challenge. Their movement is often so severely restricted that short walks, visits to the doctor or daily shopping are not possible. A suitable rollator gives physically weak people more stability when walking and standing and greatly reduces the risk of falls and injuries while increasing their mobility and independence. This enables them to participate in the everyday activities which we all take for granted.

The lightweight rollators are particularly easy to manoeuvre especially when negotiating kerbs for example and are also easy to transport thanks to their lightweight design. The ATHLON SL carbon fibre rollator from Rehasense is considered to be one of the safest, most stable, and lightest carbon rollators on the market. Whether in the city, in the park or at the opera - ATHLON SL is an aesthetically pleasing and mobile companion for everyday life.

Depending on the size, the ATHLON SL carbon rollator weighs between 5 and 5.2 kg. Customers can choose between TPE wheels or shock-absorbing PUR soft wheels. Ergonomic handles with locking function, an easily adjustable handle height and the patented "Click & Safe" safety lock ensure maximum comfort and safety during use. The large shopping bag can carry up to 5 kg and offers plenty of space for shopping. Thanks to the versatile range of accessories - including back rests in various designs - ATHLON SL can also be easily adapted to suit individual needs. The range is rounded off by a beautiful choice of colours. The Athlon SL is available from authorised dealers.