1. Rehasense Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Piotrków Trybunalski, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000433085, whose documentation is kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, with the share capital of: PLN 1,000,000.00, tax id. no. (NIP): 6772371461, business id. no. (REGON): 122658133, hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider, establishes these Website Use Regulations.

2. The Regulations define technical terms and conditions for the provision of services by the Service Provider electronically via the website.

3. Each User, upon taking steps to use the website, is obliged to read, comply with and accept these Regulations, without any reservations or limitations. The commencement of using the website is tantamount to full acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Regulations.

4. If you do not agree to any terms and conditions contained herein, please stop using the website and leave it immediately.

5. The Regulations are made available free of charge via the website in the form that enables downloading and printing it.

6. Each user is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations from the moment of taking actions aimed at using services provided via the website.

7. All trade names, photos, images and the company’s name and logo used on the website www.rehasense.com belong to the Service Provider and are use only for identification purposes. They may also constitute registered trademarks.

8. An unauthorised use of the content of the website, works or information as well as their unauthorised reproduction or retransmission, or another use of any element of the website are prohibited, as such action may violate copyrights and protected trademarks.

9. Questions and comments may be submitted to the following address: info@rehasense.com

Glossary of Terms:

1.  Website – tool called: www.rehasense.com used for the provision of electronic services,

2.  User – natural person, legal person or another entity without legal personality to whom/which the Act grants legal capacity, using electronic services available and offered within the website,

3. Conditions – set of all provisions included in the Regulations, Privacy and Cookie Policy, as well as in any other terms and conditions placed on the website that apply to specific functions, properties or promotions, as well as user service.

4. Service Provider – entity providing access to and owning this website:  Rehasense Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Piotrków Trybunalski, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000433085, whose documentation is kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, with the share capital of: PLN 1,000,000.00, tax id. no. (NIP): 6772371461, business id. no. (REGON): 122658133.

5. Regulations – these Regulations together with any appendices expressly referring to them.

6. Service – service provided by the Service Provider to the User in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations.

Scope of Services Provided

1. The Service Provider ensures access to the content of the website in accordance with the following rules.

2. The content and data published on the website have the character of information for interested parties and may be used only for information purposes.

3. The Service Provider renders the following services with the use of the website:

(i) provision of free-of-charge information on products offered by it, as well as the Users’ possibility to view and read materials (information, photos) posted on the website, made available by the Service Provider.

(ii) the newsletter service provided free of charge – for an indefinite period of time or until the User resigns from the newsletter service, or until the end of the provision of the newsletter service, which may take place at any time. The User may also resign from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link cancelling the subscription, placed in the footer of each newsletter. Sending the information to the given e-mail address is discontinued immediately and is signalled with a message confirming the operation.

Rules on the Use of the Website

1. The website is handled by different types of web browsers. No specific characteristics of the end-user’s device are required.

2. Upon the acceptance of the Regulations, the User has the right to view, copy and distribute the content of this website without any changes, provided that:

(i) the content will be used only for information purposes, not for commercial purposes

(ii) each copy made will contain information about copyrights or data concerning the author of the content.

3. The use and copying of software, processes and technologies forming part of the website are prohibited.

4. Users may use the website in compliance with the provisions of the Polish Telecommunications Law Act of 16 July 2004 (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 576, consolidated text of 30/03/2021), the Polish Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 344, consolidated text of 03.03.2020) and other provisions of the Polish law.

5. When using the website, Users are also obliged to comply with the law, principles of social coexistence, provisions of these Regulations, good practices and generally accepted rules of conduct applicable to all users, which are aimed at protecting their interests and interests of third parties (Netiquette).

6. The User is not allowed to use services in a manner contrary to the law or good practices or violating legitimate interests of the Service Provider and third parties.

7. The User is entitled to use the website resources only for their own use.

8. The Service Provider reserves that all materials available on the website (in particular graphics, texts and photos) are protected by the Polish Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1231, consolidated text of 0/07/2019). The User has the right to use them only for permitted personal use. Copying, reproducing, distributing on the Internet and other forms of using materials on the website beyond the legal limits and in violation of the provisions specified herein are prohibited.


1. The website is used only at the User’s expense and risk. The User assumes full liability for damage related to or resulting from its use, whether direct or indirect, incidental, consequential, moral or other damage on account of liability in contract or in tort or resulting from negligence, also liability for loss of data or services.

2. The website does not provide any guarantees regarding its content, in particular guarantees of security, correctness, lack of viruses and malicious codes, correct operation or quality.

3. The website does not provide any explicit or implied warranty, including guarantee of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, non-violation of copyrights, adaptation of information security or reliability.

4. The Service Provider is not liable for:

(i) damage resulting from the use of the website by Users in violation of the law or the Regulations,

(ii) damage caused by external factors (e.g. cable, hardware or software failure) or other reasons beyond the Service Provider’s control.

5. Despite the Service Provider’s best efforts to ensure the accuracy and validity of the website and the Terms and Conditions and Regulations contained therein, errors unintended by the Service Provider may occur. The User is asked to report them to the Service Provider after their detection.

6. All exclusions and limitations of liability indicated above apply to the fullest extent permitted by law, covering all types of existing liability, including tort liability, contractual liability and any other liability provided for in the Polish law.

7. The Service Provider reserves that any content included on the website is for informational or promotional purposes only and may not be treated in a legally binding manner between the Service Provider or the User.

External Links

1. Links on this website to other websites are provided for information purposes only.

2. The Service Provider does not bear any liability for links placed on the website or for any damage resulting from their use, in particular if they lead to websites, resources or tools maintained by third parties.

 Use of Cookies

1. The website uses cookies used by the service provider to analyse the Internet traffic and to optimise the website. All information on the use of cookies by the Service Provider is included in the ‘Privacy and Cookie Policy’ constituting Appendix no. 1 hereto, available on the Service Provider’s website.

Intellectual Property

1. The website and its content may be protected by copyrights, trademark rights and other provisions concerning the protection of intellectual property.

2. Trademarks, logos and other personalised emblems of the owner appearing on the website (collectively referred to as the ‘marks’) constitute the Service Provider’s trademarks.

3. Except for separate individual written authorisations, the User may not use the Marks belonging to the Service Provider separately or in conjunction with other verbal or graphic elements, in particular in press releases, advertisements, promotional and marketing materials, the media, written or oral materials, in electronic, visual or any other form.

User’s Data Protection

The Service Provider fully respects the privacy of Users. Detailed information about the processing of the User’s personal data or other information as well as situations in which the Service Provider may disclose it can be found in the document ‘Privacy and Cookie Policy’. (Appendix no. 1 to the Regulations).

Applicability of the Regulations

Unless otherwise agreed, the Regulations constitute a complete and exhaustive agreement between the User and the Owner in the scope of using the website and its content, and supersede any other arrangements or undertakings and agreements concerning the content of these Regulations.

Change of the Website Terms and Conditions

1. The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the provisions of these Regulations at any time during their applicability by publishing their updated version on the website, which becomes effective at the time of the publication, unless otherwise specified in the content thereof.

2. The User is obliged to become acquainted with modifications to the provisions of the Regulations, about which the Service Provider informs them by sending a relevant message or communication about changes to the content of the Regulations for their acceptance.

3. Further use of the website is tantamount to the acceptance of the modified content of these Regulations.

Dispute Resolution

In the case of a dispute, the parties will endeavour to resolve it amicably. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, it will be submitted to the competent common court for resolution.

Legal Grounds

The relevant provisions of law applicable to the registered office of the Service Provider’s website apply to matters not regulated herein.




The Regulations enter into force as of 23/11/2021