Walker with gas spring and brake handles

Key Facts
  • Height-adjustable and adaptable walker with comfortable handles and lower arm supports.
  • Gas pressure spring ensures comfortable and even raising and lowering.
  • Adjustable handles and forearm supports allow optimum adjustment and thus provide more safety and comfort when walking and sitting down.
  • The PLATFORM has a low-maintenance brake system integrated on the underside.
  • The rear wheels can be easily braked, locked and released.
  • All 4 wheels are equipped with a lock to prevent them from swivelling.
  • With its sleek design, the PLATFORM manoeuvres the user comfortably and safely through doors with a standard width of 70 cm, with armrests not being additionally pushed apart. Special aluminium-steel construction with twopart frame for transport.
  • Application: indoor exercise therapy.

Product Description

The PLATFORM offers users a high degree of stability and support when walking. Comfortable and easy-to-clean forearm supports and swivel wheels that allow easy maneuverability and provide the user with increased levels of comfort. Equipped with TPE-Grip wheels that are designed especially for indoor use.

Product name Platform
Product weight [kg] 18.5
Length [mm] 800 cm
Width 69 cm
Max load 150
Wheel size 100 cm
Outer width of armrests 31.5-48 cm