DOUBLE ARM, Aluminium, 12'' Outdoor front wheel

Key Facts
  • Weight: 5,36 kg
  • No additional mounting parts necessary
  • High comfort due to large 12″ wheel
  • Pneumatic wheel with anti-flutter fork
  • Pleasant riding experience even on bumpy roads
  • Adjustable to many sizes
  • Double arm for foldable wheelchairs with integrated footrests

Product Description

Are you ready for your next outdoor adventure? Whether you´re crossing bumpy roads in the city, rolling over cycling and hiking trails, or exploring rough nature trails - with the Outdoor Front Wheel TRACK WHEEL you can move effortlessly on a wide range of terrains. Thanks to the 12” TRACK WHEEL the castor wheels are raised, and the wheelchair is tilted slightly backwards.

The rolling resistance is noticeably reduced. As a result, you can enjoy more speed, comfort and manoeuvrability when driving! Once your TRACK WHEEL has been correctly adjusted to fit your wheelchair, it can be fastened within a few short seconds! TRACK WHEEL comes in two innovative docking systems: Single Arm with one clamping device and Double Arm with a double clamping device.

Fast docking system

Before the first use, the TRACK WHEEL must be adjusted and fine-tuned to fit your wheelchair. DOUBLE ARM models can be adjusted in height and width. The process takes a total of approx. 15-20 minutes. Once the TRACK WHEEL has been set, docking will be a matter of seconds!

Durable Aluminium

At Rehasense, we want to make products that as safe and as durable as possible. TRACK WHEEL is made from aluminium that is lightweight yet strong.

Product name TRACK WHEEL