TOURER 20'', Manual Clamp & Lift, Standard Controls, Fat tyre 20'' x 4''

Key Facts
  • PAWS Tourer is the true off-road stager, ideal for adventures in rougher terrain.
  • With a 20” wheel and 4” fat tyre, you will easily get to places that would be difficult for other models.
  • Does not need any frame alteration or additional add-ons to your wheelchair
  • A standard 48V11.2Ah lithium-ion battery delivers 556 watts
  • PAWS has an IP54 waterproof rating and can withstand rain and moisture
  • The range of adjustment in the clamping system allows a wide range of folding and rigid frame chairs to be fitted.
  • Automatic clamping & lifting or Manual clamping & lifting
  • Normal o Tetra handles
  • Track assistance: self-centering tracking
  • A durable packing carton and inserts is provided to protect the PAWS from damage during transport.
  • Tools: A full set of adjusting provided with each PAWS

Product description

Leading engineers, ergonomists and therapists have worked together with wheelchair users to create the most comfortable and user-friendly power add-on on the market: PAWS, short for Power Assisted Wheelchair Systems. PAWS is a great alternative to the car and is ideal for longer trips in the city and the countryside. It has the easiest and most universal docking system on the market and offers several practical features that make it easy and comfortable to use. Every PAWS creates its own story of freedom – meet family and friends, participate in activities together or go for a solo adventure.

The three PAWS models CITY, CRUISER and TOURER are each distinguished by their wheel type and have been developed for different types of terrain: The CITY model can be ordered with either a 12" or 14" front wheel and is primarily designed for city riding. For those who like to be on the move, CRUISER is the perfect choice. The powerful add-on with 16" wheels can be used in the city or on forest trails. TOURER with its 20" wheels has the longest wheelbase of the three PAWS models and overcomes even tree roots and other bumps with ease. All models have one thing in common: an unforgettable riding experience!


PAWS takes convenience to the next level. Engineers, ergonomists, and therapists have worked together to create for you the most convenient product on the market. We did it! PAWS leads with the easiest and the most universal docking system. Long lever arms and a Quick Release Clamp make manual clamping quick and easy. Auto clamping and lifting is as easy as the flick of a switch – a real breakthrough solution. You’ll get multiple of possibilities to set up the handlebars to afford the best fit for you.


  • Carrier bag
  • Carrier basket
  • Tyre inflator
  • Batteries: The standard Lithium Ion 48V11.2Ah battery delivers a powerful 556-Watt hours of use – universal across all models. With a convenient strap handle, it easily clips into the retainer and is secured in place with its own key and lock. The Flight Battery (300 Wh) has a lower power level so that it can be carried on passenger planes according to IATA. It is important to give the Airline carrier at least 48 hours when travelling with a battery
Product name TOURER 20''
Clamp Manual
Lift Manual
Handles Standard
Wheels size 20''
Frame distance 295-540