Carbon Ultralight Rollator, Medium 55, Black, SOFT Wheels

Key Facts
  • Large shopping bag for carrying up to 5 kg
  • Ergonomic handles with locking function
  • User friendly and easily adjustable handle height
  • Patented, red, "Click & Safe" safety catch
  • Ingenious carrying handle: ergonomic handle grips under the mounting bars for lifting and carrying the rollator
  • All-round safety reflectors available for shopping bag, frame and handles
  • Large selection of accessories such as backrest straps, bags, tray, one-handed brake operation, slowdown brake and rollator umbrella

Product Description

Rehasense is synonymous with the manufacture of high-quality mobility aids. As with all Rehasense products, our rollators are inspired by Scandinavian design principles to be stylish, timeless and tasteful with the top priorities being safety, comfort, and functionality to enable the user to live as independently as possible. Our lightweight aluminium rollators are exceptionally stable and at the same time lightweight for everyday use and feature height adjustable handles. Regardless of which rollator you use, the correct handle height is vital to ensure that you use the maximum power from the triceps to drive the rollator.

The hands must grip the rollator handles with the arms slightly bent and at the same time please stand upright in the rollator between the rear wheels. Rehasense rollators have a variety of useful features and can be conveniently folded and stowed away. All rollators are available in a range of different sizes and colours to suit different tastes and have a wide range of accessories so that your rollator meets your individual requirements.


Our innovative and patented ‘Click & Safe’ safety catch provides increased levels of safety and peace of mind when folding your rollator for storage, transportation and lifting as it prevents the rollator from opening. The user friendly ‘Click & Safe’ catch is incorporated within the ergonomic handle grips so operating the catch and carrying the rollator is extremely easy.


All Rehasense rollators come with an integrated shopping bag. With a 5kg weight capacity, this practical and spacious bag has several pockets and is deep enough to comfortably carry items such as groceries or drink bottles. The bag has been designed to be easily removed: simply pull the carrying handles to release the four hooks from the fastening rods. To reattach the bag, place it back in position and gently press it down to snap the hooks back into place. The bag features a large inner pocket for personal items, which can be closed with a zipper. Reflective strips are sewn into the front of the bag.

  • Backrest Classic: 8 cm wide, lengths: 71, 76, 81 cm
  • Backrest Comfort: 20 cm wide, lengths: 71, 76, 81 cm
  • Shopping bags with magnetic or zip closing
  • Tray with anti-slip mat
  • LED lights in white or red
  • Blue or red bell
  • Additional items available
Product name XEON
Colours Black
Material Carbon
Product weight [kg] 6
Seat height [cm] 55
Seat width [cm] 46
Width folded [cm] 23
Distance between handles [cm] 47
Handle height [cm] 66-86
Sizes M
Purpose Outdoor
Wheel model Soft
Front wheel diameter 8'' (200 x 35)
Length [mm] 66
Overall(total) width [cm] 61
Dimensions folded [cm] 65x21x86
Certificates CE
Packaging carton dimensions (lenght, width, height) [cm] 67x23x84
Transportation weight [kg] 7,4
Height folded [cm] 82
Max. load capacity (S.W.L) [kg] 150
Rear wheel diameter 8'' (200x35)