Ramp, 70 cm, foldable in length, Alu

Key Facts
  • Our new lightweight broad-track series is based on a strong honeycomb design.
  • The ramps are made of a newly developed, lightweight yet high-strength material.
  • This manufacturing process makes our lightweight construction ramps up to 20% lighter than comparable competing models, without compromising the extremely high load capacity (up to 300 kg).
  • The wide and non-slip surface ensures safe handling.
  • The sturdy and exceptionally strong design makes the BROADBAND Ramps suitable for most wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters as well as pushchairs and walkers.
  • The ramps are available in different models and lengths to meet different needs.

Product Description

For overcoming steps and hurdles
The BROADBAND lightweight ramp is ideal for safely overcoming steps and other obstacles in all weather conditions.

Product name Broadband
Material Aluminium
Product weight [kg] 5.9
Length [mm] 70 cm
Type One-part
Width 71 cm
Max load 300 kg
Max step height 16 cm