Pondus Rampy

Pondus Ramps

Rampy podjazdowe z aluminium wersji składanej, rozsuwanej lub kombinacji obydwóch. Łatwe do przenoszenia i przeznaczone do intensywnego użytkowania.

  • Telescopic and folding wheelchair ramps
  • Easily transportable, the Pondus ramps are made from high strength, aviation grade aluminium and are designed for heavy use. Telescopic ramps are equipped with nylon plastic sliding bearings to ensure smooth operation. The lifting handles are ergonomically designed and there is a lock for transportation.
  • The series is available in foldable and telescopic versions or as a combination of both:-
  • Foldable with 2 sections
  • Foldable & Telescopic with 3 sections
  • Single section
  • Telescopic with 3 sections
  • Telescopic with 2 sections

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