Athlon Balkonik / Walker

Athlon Carbon Fiber Technology
Athlon – carbon fiber composite rollators highlight the elegance and performance of the Rehasense range of rollators. Lightweight at less than 5,5 kg, Athlon can be used for users up to 150 kg. Great balance when lifted.

Foldable and easy to carry
Athlon is easy to fold and stays folded with an easy-to-use locking system. Ergonomically designed handle grips makes Athlon easy to transport.

Steady and durable
The frame and seat are tested and approved for the maximum user weight of 150 kg. Light and reliable brakes with TPE-covered unbreakable wheels, creates a steady and safe driving feeling.

The Athlon is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large – with a range of settings within these sizes

Height adjustable
Athlon push handles height adjustable to 10 positions, from 63 cm to 102 cm. User comfort is ensured with three different seat heights – 62, 55 and 50 cm – as well as optimal frame design and ergonomic push handles.

Hand grips
Ergonomic shaped hand grips adjustable to the position of the hand. Smooth operating hand brakes

The Athlon can be fitted with the broad range of Rehasense accessories

Technical Information


Colour: Black

Max. user weight: 150 kg

Seat height and item no.:
Small 50 cm seat height    : CRBKS500
Medium 55 cm seat height: CRBKM550
Large 62 cm seat height    : CRBKL600

(width x depth x height)
Small    : 61 x 68 x 63-79 cm (body height 125 – 160 cm)
Medium: 61 x 68 x 66-86 cm (body height 135 – 170 cm)
Large    : 61 x 68 x 74-102 cm (body height 150 – 200 cm)

Seat width: 46 cm

Transportation measurements folded:
(depth x height x width)
Small    : 68 x 72 x 22,5 cm
Medium: 68 x 74 x 22,5 cm
Large    : 68 x 79 x 22,5 cm

From 5 kg for the lowest configuration.

Shopping bag:
width x depth x height: 32 x 15 x 28 cm

Frame material: Carbon Fiber

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