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The tray is easily attached onto the seat of the rollator. High edges and a non-slip surface make it safe to carry drinks and food on the tray.

Crutch holder
The crutch holder is easily attached to the rollator’s frame. Top clips are designed for crutches with a diameter of 16-19 mm or 20-29 mm. The lower part holds the rubber foot of the crutch.

foldable umbrella and umbrella holder.
The umbrella is easy to fit and remove from the rollator. When fitted it can be angle adjusted giving the perfect protection against rain and sun.

Transportation bag
The rollator can be packed into the transportation bag when taking it on a journey. Adjustable shoulder strap, carrying handles and reflectors included.

Shopping bag with zipper
Waterproof luxury shopping bag with zipper, carrying handles and reflectors.

The backrest supports the lower part of your back when sitting on the rollator. WARNING – Always lock the brakes by pushing the handles down when sitting!

The LED flashlight is easily attached to the rollator`s frame and gives out a clear and sharp light. This illuminates the area just in front of the rollator.

One hand brake
One-hand movement activates both brakes.

Infusion standard
Mounted on the rollator the same way like the umbrella. When the user is not able to walk with a mobile infusion standard, he/she can remain in motion with the infusion holder on the rollator

Adjustable backrest
This backrest is adjustable between 70 and 75 cm to the comfort of the user.

Good to signal when you come up from behind and want to pass

Oxygen bottle holder
Rehasense accessories are designed for keeping the user mobile. The oxygen bottle holder can be placed in the shopping bag with a fixture and be adjusted to length and width. With the shoulder strap it is easy to remove from the shopping basket and carry it at the shoulder for a distance.

Slow down brake
the slow down brake can be adjusted from light to moderate braking of the rear wheels. This is a special device for Parkinson patients or user which need a more stable feeling.

Shopping bag with lid
When people don’t like the zipper, this bag with lid can be used. The lid is kept closed by a sewed in magnet strip.

Fixed seat
Users who don’t feel comfortable on the flexible seat can use this fixed seat. Simply put it over the flexible seat with the two clamps. Seating height increases 2 – 3 cm. If that is too high the seat can be put on the Medium rollator with 55 cm seat height. To fold the rollator the seat can be removed.

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