One-hand brake

One hand brake for M size rollators

Key Facts
  • Cable set
  • For people with arthritis, rheumatism, or hemiplegia
  • You can brake on the left or on the right - no further assembly necessary

Product Description

Normally rollators have two brake levers, both of which must be operated simultaneously. A person with hemiplegia (e.g. after a stroke), rheumatism or arthritis may have limited hand function on one side of the body. This is where a one-hand brake can help: Thanks to the special system consisting of a set of cables, it is sufficient to brake on one side - whether left or right. Safe and effective braking is thus also possible with one hand.

Product name One-hand brake
Length [mm] N/A
for Athlon SL Y
for Athlon HD N
for Server Y
for Server HD N
for Router Y
for Explorer N
for Navigator N
for Navigator AIR N
for Pixel N
for Stylus N
Backrest width [cm] N/A
Bag type N/A
Colours Black
Sizes N/A
Wheel model N/A