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14-year-old student excited about his new PAWS

Some stories make us particularly happy. A single mother recently contacted Mats Laveborn, our Advanced Mobility Representative in Sweden, with the following challenge: Her 14-year-old son had been dependent on a wheelchair for 10 years and at school he was often sad as he was not able to ride with his friends when they are out on their bikes. His mother had already been saving for a long time to give her son a very special surprise. After speaking to the mother, Mats prepared the "PAWS 14" power add-on from Rehasense for his manual wheelchair and delivered it personally (as always). His mother cried with joy, and her son had a beaming smile, exclaiming: "I am now the coolest guy in school".
Mats says: "That was a moment I will probably never forget. Sometimes your work is a blessing."