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Inclusive urban planning: There is still a long way to go

The story about Jes Georg Klein made us happy, but also thoughtful...

On the one hand, we are very happy that PAWS, our new power-assisted wheelchair system, has been mentioned in the media. PAWS was developed with the aim of giving people like Jes more independence in everyday life.
But even the most innovative mobility aids can only help to a limited extent if the infrastructure is not barrier-free. In this report from a Danish newspaper, Jes visits a re-designed beach area in Silkeborg, Denmark. To his disappointment, he discovers that the facility - contrary to what the planners had previously announced - is anything but accessible.
High steps, a toilet door that can barely be opened and a bridge that is hardly accessible became unexpected hurdles on his beach excursion (see video in the article).
We hope that awareness of barrier-free urban planning will continue to grow in the future, because this is the only way our users can really benefit from their mobility aids!

Find the news article with a video here...