Bilal: A Family Man with a Dream

Life can take unexpected turns, and for Bilal, a 34-year-old claims adjuster, it changed dramatically when he broke his back in a car accident in 2019 leaving him paralyzed from the chest down.

Returning home from the hospital, Bilal started investigating ways to overcome barriers. Alongside this, he also took a significant step in his personal life by getting engaged to his partner, Anela. Together, they envisioned a future as a family in Skövde. The birth of their daughter Alice, now 14 months old, brought immense joy to their life.

"It is important to me to live as free and responsible a life as possible," says Bilal. "Helping with shopping, throwing away garbage and running family errands is important to feeling whole."


Recognizing the importance of assistance in his daily life, Bilal embarked on a search for aids that would meet his specific requirements. After careful consideration, he settled on the PAWS, the largest model Tourer with 20” wheels.

"I use it for everything, and everywhere, even in cafes and shops," continues Bilal.

Little Alice loves to sit on daddy's lap and is very fascinated by all the buttons on PAWS. The idea is that it will become an aid for joint activities when Alice can start cycling.

When asked about his dreams for the future, Bilal responds without hesitation. His first priority is to be a loving and devoted father to Alice and, hopefully, any future siblings she may have. Bilal also aspires to find a meaningful job, one that provides a sense of purpose and allows him to contribute to society.

While the accident may have altered his path, it has not dampened Bilal's spirit or his dreams for a fulfilling life.

We wish Bilal many more happy experiences with his family and PAWS!


Photo credits: Mats Wihlbacka